Sightseeing rickshaw

<Dear customers>

For the safety and health of our dear customers and staff, we are asking you to give us kind understanding and cooperation in conducting the following corona virus prevention measures. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

●Sanitize your hands and fingers with alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
●Wear face mask all the time when you are in our facility.

Please kindly understand the customers with body temperature of 37.5℃ or higher cannot join our program.
We will ask the customers who are unwilling to cooperate in the above measures to refrain from joining our program.

Our staff will wear face masks /face shields while meeting customers.

We offer baggage check-in services to our rickshaw customers free of charge! Get rid of your baggage and go light!

Barrier Free Rickshaw Station

Jidaiya’s rickshaw service has reasons to be chosen.
Jidaiya is easily accessed from Kaminarimon Gate, Asakusa’s No. 1 sightseeing
spot. Don’t miss a chance to have our hospitality and signature programs.

Pick-up/drop-off points are flexible

You can tell us your convenient pick-up/drop-off points.

1.Jidaiya’s Meijikan

Jidaiya’s MeijikanJidaiya’s Meijikan

Jidaiya’s Meijikan Main Building
(Address; 2-3-5, Kaminari-mon, Taito-ku, Tokyo)

■Close to Kaminarimon Gate.  
■ Fully air-conditioned.
■ Indoor waiting spot is ideal on rainy days.  
■ Rest room and baggage check-in is available.。

2.Tokyo Sky Tree vicinity

■ You can be picked up/dropped off
at Tokyo Sky Tree Town®.
(Advance reservation is required.)

■ Nice sightseeing photo with
Sky Tree and rickshaw in the same
frame can be taken from here!

5.Tokyo Sky Tree Town 5.Tokyo Sky Tree Town

3.rickshaw lane

■ You can be picked up/dropped off on
a rickshaw lane near Kaminarimon Gate.

4.Your convenient pick-up/drop-off points

■ You can be picked up/dropped off at
a station, a restaurant, a temple
or other spots of your convenience near us.
* Advance reservation is required.

What is available in Meijikan Building?

Jidaiya’s main building Meijikan gives a warm welcome to our rickshaw customers!

★We keep your baggage free of charge. (until 17:30 of that day)

★Free giveaway leaflets and maps are available.

Free giveaway leaflets and maps are available.

★Fully air-conditioned waiting space.

★Fully air-conditioned waiting space. ★Fully air-conditioned waiting space.)

★We accept a large group as well.

◎On Tuesdays Meijikan is closed.
(Rickshaw services are available every day!)

Meijikan Building
Meijikan Building

Rickshaw Fare

◆Fare(Inc. tax)

Course 1 person 2 persons 3 persons
10分程度 3,000 yen 4,000 yen 6,000 yen
20分 5,000 yen 7,000 yen 10,500 yen
30分 7,000 yen 9,000 yen 13,500 yen
45分 10,000 yen 13,500 yen 20,250 yen
60分 13,000 yen 17,500 yen 26,250 yen
90分 19,000 yen 25,000 yen 37,500 yen
120分 23,500 yen 32,500 yen 48,750 yen

*”3 persons” course fare is applied to a group of even number people who hire 2 or more rickshaws.

【example】 5 people x 10 minutes
⇒ 4,000 yen(2 persons)+6,000 yen(3 persons)=10,000 yen(hires 3 rickshaws)

Kimono experience

Let’s go for sightseeing!

◆ Route of your choice

Our rickshaw drivers are professional, who know the best of the best course in Asakusa.
Enjoy sightseeing with them, and ask them any questions about Asakusa!
You can get postcards with old photos of rickshaw.
Don’t miss a chance to take Jidaiya’s leaflet, which is widely used even among Asakusa
neighbors because of its clear map and useful sightseeing contests!

East High Street West High Street
East High Street ~West High Street
 ~Kannon-ura former geisha district
Shitamachi traditional area & a close view of the Tokyo Sky Tree®

Large groups are welcome!

Ride a rickshaw and get a nice gift!


We give all rickshaw customers postcards.
You see ancient pictures from Meiji era (year 1868-1912)


2.Jidaiya’s original wooden mascot

Our original wooden mascot with Jidaiya’s logo on it is given to customers of 10,000 yen or more for hiring a rickshaw.
*Please understand that the content of the gift is subject to change.

Jidaiya’s original wooden mascot

3.Rikshaw pouch & shoulder bag Tokyo Sky Tree®coin bank

We give this gift to customers of long course. Each course has its own gift.
*One gift for each rickshaw

Asakusa Rickshaw Shoulder Bag

Tokyo Sky Tree coin bank

This coin bank is modeled after Tokyo Sky Tree.
It makes a nice object in your room!


Contact Jidaiya for reservations and inquiries.mail
TEL 03-3843-0890