<Dear customers>

For the safety and health of our dear customers and staff, we are asking you to give us kind understanding and cooperation in conducting the following corona virus prevention measures. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

●Sanitize your hands and fingers with alcohol-based hand sanitizer.)
●Let us check your body temperature with a non-contact thermometer.
●Wear face mask all the time when you are in our facility.

Make sure to cover your mouth and nose. If by any chance to take off the mask, refrain from talking.

Please kindly understand the customers with body temperature of 37.5℃ or higher cannot join our program.
We will ask the customers who are unwilling to cooperate in the above measures to refrain from joining our program.

Our staff will wear face masks /face shields while meeting customers.


This plan provides you with your favorite Kimono
and take a stroll around the Asakusa town.
Qualified Kimono advisors dress you up beautifully
and gives you tips on elegant walking and manners.

  • 【Time for dressing】20-30 minutes/person
  • 【Price】4,400 yen~(including tax) for Kimono
    3,300yen(including tax) for Yukata(casual kimono for summer)
    * Hair arrangements and other necessities included.
  • 【Return by】17:30 on the day (Ask us if you require the extension of time.)
  • 【Booking】Booking on the day is available. We recommend you book in advance; The customers who are booked are to come first.
    Please book through an inquiry form on our web site or over the phone.

Plan Details

JIDAIYA’s Kimono rental is special!

POINT: Everything is ready.

No need to bring your items! We prepare everything for you.

You just show up!

【Rental includes:】
Underwear, socks, Undergarment, Kimono, obi, obi sash, obi band, hair arrangement & ornaments, drawstring pouch, footwear, jacket (autumn & winter)

* All the undergarments and socks are washed before being served.

POINT: Large variety

Large variety of stylish and beautiful Kimono,
from traditional style to modern ones.
Various kinds of Kimono for a seasonal occasion are available.

Selection of Kimono

POINT: Elegant Obi

Select an elegant Nagoya obi.
Let us help you with a cordial assistance to choose your obi sash and obi band.

  • POINT: Elegant Obi

    * Please understand we might use half-width obi for large groups to shorten a dressing and a waiting time.

POINT: In-house studio

Enjoy a photoshoot in our studio before you go out!、
(Free photoshoot for up to 5 minutes with your own camera)

POINT: In-house studio

What’s more!

We have many Japanese culture experience programs
on our web site which you can enjoy in Kimono.

POINT: Kimono +


JIDAIYA’s Kimono rental program goes as follow.

Please book in advance by e-mail/phone or visit Jidaiya on the day.

Large selections of Kimono from traditional designs to modern ones!!
Qualified Kimono advisors assist you to select a suitable Kimono for the season/your preference.

Choose your favorite one from many selections of Kimono.
We treat Kimono carefully and fold them one by one in order to take a good care of them.

2. 着付け・ヘアセット

No need to bring your own items;

all that necessary things are prepared for you.


We will keep your luggage free of charge. 
Leave your heavy bags and have fun!

  • Put your valuables items and cellphones into a drawstring pouch and walk with it.
  • Japanese style photo studio is available. (Up to 5 minutes of free photoshoot with your own camera)

4. 返却

Please return by 17:30 on the day

(Tell us beforehand in case you’d like to request for the extension of time.)

Kaminarimon Gate and Sensoji Temple are not
the only places to see in Asakusa!


<For large groups>

  • Please expect some waiting time as we dress each guest one by one.
  • Accept a group of 30 to 40 people.
    (Require advanced booking) It takes about 1 to 1.5 hours to dress all the members.
  • Limited selection of Kimono/Yukata/Obi might be proposed to large groups in order to shorten a dressing and a waiting time.
  • We have a waiting space where you can eat, drink and take pictures. Make the most of your waiting time!

  • Waiting space

  • Hair arrangement space

  • Yukata selection (example)

  • Drawstring pouch (example)

  • Footwear (example)

* Please feel free to contact us if you have any requests such as large groups and your desired time.

* Open throughout the year.(No regular holiday)