Japanese classic dance
(Nihon-buyo) experience

What is Nihon-buyo?

Nihon-buyo established as traditional Japanese dance with a history of over 300 years. It is based on Kabuki-buyo which developed from Kabuki, consisting of the elements of plays, dances and music. Both Nihon-buyo and Kabuki has been handed down and developed through the years.
With this historical background, Nihon-buyo has theatrical and abstract motions as well as exaggerated expressions which originally came from Kabuki. They have been passed on as its stylistic beauty.
Consequently, Nihon-buyo is one of the ways for us to hand down Japanese aesthetic sense and emotional expression with a beauty of Kimono to the present generation.

The key of Nihon-buyo

Nihon-buyo is not all about dancing. It has various roles like girls, geisha, rough men and Edo street vendors. Female roles are called “Onna-gata”, males ones are “Tachiyaku”. It is also to express the role’s “heart” or emotion with dance technique. This requires dancers to devote themselves into the role’s personality. Each role has its unique form, which shows that dancers express the role’s emotion. Dances are required to give “heart” to the form. Another thing to be mentioned about Nihon-buyo is that there are cases female roles are danced by men, and vice versa.

POINT「心」を込めて 扇子

Jidaiya’s distinctive
features of Nihon-buyo

POINT 用意は不要
  • No need to bring your items.
    Just join us in your regular clothes.
  • Beginners are all welcomed.
  • Program takes place in an authentic Japanese room with tatami mats.
    (Traditional Japanese room called Shoin-zukuri *Another venue for large groups)
  • Wearing yukata/kimono stands out your beauty even more.
  • Learn how to make elegant postures in yukata/kimono.
  • Take beautiful pictures in yukata/kimono.
  • Instruct you in English or Japanese.
  • Private experience for respective groups.

Program flow

The experience program goes as follow:

Required time is approximately for 1 hour.
* Depends on the size of your group.
All participants need to be booked in advance. Please make sure to contact us beforehand either e-mail or over the phone.体験記念写真撮影※ご自身のカメラをお持ちください。
  • 基本料金
  • Up to 3 persons
    24,200 yen
    (including tax)
  • 4 or more people 6,600 yen (including tax)/person
    (The price includes the following:)
    -Rental fee for yukata, tabi socks and fan
    -Dressing fee for yukata (Basic assistance only)
    -Experience fee for the program

  • As for large groups, we need to book another venue, which will cost you venue booking fee separately.

Enjoy “Nihon-buyo Plus” programs!

Wear quality kimono/yukata and experience Nihon-buyo.



Yukata + Nihon-buyo Plan

Experience Nihon-buyo in Yukata

Extra 2,200 yen/person (including tax)

  • Time is required before/after the program for dressing and quick hair setting and for changing.
  • You can go out in yukata after the experience. (Only in summer)


Kimono + Nihon-buyo Plan

Experience Nihon-buyo in kimono!

Extra 4,400 yen~/person (including tax)

  • Price changes depending on what kind of kimono you choose.
  • Time is required before/after the program for dressing and changing.
  • You can go out in kimono after the experience program. (All seasons except for summer)

How to join the program

All participations are required to be booked in advance.
Please make sure to contact us beforehand.

  • Participants need to be more than 6 years.
  • Children of under 5 years old could join,
    but please make sure to be accompanied with adults. 
  • Start with bow.

  • How to use a fan, which is the basic of Nihon-buyo

  • Practice opening and folding a fan smoothly.

  • Be gracefully and beautifully of the way you behave in Kimono

  • Use your fingertips elegantly as well as
    your body to express your heart.

  • Strike a pose for pictures!

*Open throughout the year.(No regular holiday)