Tea Ceremony Experience

Enjoy the Tea Ceremony by the five senses,
Feel the spirit of Japan and Cherish every meeting with the true spirit of Hospitality

  • Standard
    30 ~ 50 minutes
    *depends on the size of your group.
     (“Kimono & tea ceremony” takes for 1 hour and a half ~2 hours)
  • Price■A Course
    *Make your own tea, which is served to you with refreshment
     ・Single ticket
       6,600 yen (including tax)
     ・2 or more people
       3,300 yen (including tax)/person

    ■B Course
    *Watch your tea master making tea, which is served to you with refreshment 2,750 yen (including tax)
    *For 5 or more persons

First, take a deep breath to calm down your mind

Follow the teacher’s motion with beautiful manners

Scoop one and a half of green tea powder

Pour hot water quietly. Enjoy the beautiful sound of water.

Making match to think about your guest

※Optional course of “kimono & tea ceremony” is also available.
7,700 yen (including tax) ~ per person

※Available from 2 people


  • The Japanese style studio where you experience our tea ceremony has a relaxed atmosphere. Please feel free to take as many elegant photos as you can while experiencing the tea ceremony.

    • ※Please refrain from videotaping and sound recording.
  • According to your requests, you can experience the tea ceremony just sitting on the chair, not in the Japanese seiza style on tatami mat.
    Please feel free to ask when you reserve the booking.

  • Available for the traditional Japanese style room with tatami covered floor!

    (Any small or large group is possible)
    *This Japanese style room with tatami is optional.
    Please feel free to ask us when you reserve the booking.

  • Instructors provide explanation in English!

    Guests from overseas feel very comfortable as our instructors speak and explain the experience in English.

  • Always welcome a large group!

    Available for large groups. Please make the most of it with your company’s employee training and your school’s group tour.

  • In our tea ceremony, you can enjoy the Japanese classic sweet called ‘Anko-dama’.
    It is made of sugar and beans covered with agar. The taste is different by color, such as black one tastes red beans, white one is white beans, and green one is matcha.

    ※The sweet is available for vegetarian, vegan and halal.

Many customers from domestic and overseas come to experience our program. Click here


  • Experience participation possible age is over 6 years old. But in case of “Private plan” (optional), they will be able to accompany. Please let us know at the time of your reservation.
  • We may ask you to join with other groups. If you prefer to experience in private, please let us know in advance.
  • We propose a suitable plan for your request, such as those who cannot sit in a Japanese style and those who are VIP customers. Please feel free to let us know.
  • Available for on-site service.
  • Tea ceremony has a good accessibility for people in a wheelchair.
      *However, our bathroom is NOT accessible.

*Open throughout the year.(No regular holiday)