Fan-throwing Game

Enjoy traditional fan-throwing game

  • Standard time:
    40 to 60 minutes (depends on the size of your group)
  • Price: Up to 4 persons
     13,200 yen (including tax)
    5 or more people
     3,300 yen (including tax)/person
  • Optional: Fan-throwing in Kimono is available.
  • *Wearing Kimono is optional. Make the most of your experience in Kimono.
    7,700 yen (including tax)/person
    *The program takes 1.5 – 2 hours.

Aiming for the butterfly (=target)

Throw the fan!

Yes! Bull’s eye!

Everyone looks so serious to get the prize.

Group photo at the end (Kimono is optional)

Details of Fan-Throwing Game

  • You don’t have a lot of chances to see this game usually, but it is very easy for everyone once you get a knack of it.
    Enjoy the game with friends and win JIDAIYA’s original prize.

  • For large groups, large space is available.
    Suitable for company events, trainings and team buildings, let alone an occasion of good memory of your visit in Asakusa.

  • Each school has its own fan-throwing rule, but JIDAIYA introduces you to a simple and easy Asakusa style. You will play with authentic equipment, but you don’t have to be intimidated --- Just have fun and throw a fan!

  • We have optional program “Fan-throwing Plus”. In this program, you can play Fan-throwing Game in Kimono which gives you more sense of elegance as well as photo opportunity. (Studio is available for photo shooting.) Make this experience a wonderful memory!


  • Fan-throwing game has various rules, but JIDAIYA introduces you to a basic and simple rule.
  • We are ready to offer you various game styles depends on the size/purpose of your group (large groups, VIPs, etc.). Please feel free to give us your requests.
  • On-site services are available.

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*Open throughout the year.(No regular holiday)