Japanese Pinching Craft

 Let’s try our traditional craftwork!

  • 【Standard time】45-60 minutes
    *depends on the size of group
  • 【Price】・Single ticket
      8,800 yen (including tax)
    ・2 or more people
      4,400 yen (including tax)/person

<Example of finished works>


What should I create?

Think of suitable colors for your image

Tweeze fabric petals one by one

Balance all the petals into a flower shape, place the center of a flower.

Your original accessory is completed!

Tsumami-Zaiku is:

  • Tsumami-Zaiku is:

    A traditional Japanese craftwork started from Edo period. Fold a square cloth and make a various kind of decorations such as plants and animals. Chirimen crepe and Habutae silk are commonly used. Use more than 100 pieces of fabric at most to make colorful accessories such as Kanzashi.

Accessory bases are available for Kanzashi hair accessory, ear rings, Obi accessory and so on.
Create your own accessary by choosing your favorite colors of Chirimen and matching the colors and the accessary base. This makes a memorable souvenir!

  • We have various kinds of accessory base.

  • Select your favorite color of Chirimen fabric selections.

  • Example of finished works!

Walking around in Kimono!

This plan offers you to take a stroll in Asakusa, wearing Kimono and putting on the accessary just made by yourself. It is also enjoyable to coordinate your accessory with Kimono.

Groups are all welcomed!

Large groups can enjoy this program at our in-house studio. On-site services are also available.
Suitable for team building purposes and workshops.


  • This program is suitable for over 6 years old as we use a tweezer to shape fabric petals. Please tell us in advance if your child is under 6 years old.
  • Please feel free to contact us if you have any requests such as large groups and your desired time.
  • On-site service at your favorite place is available.

Open throughout the year.(No regular holiday)