Wagashi confectionary making experience


Japanese confectionary, or Wagashi, is an art!

Standard group/time
60 ~100 minutes
*Depends on your choice of courses and the size of your group
*Kids of 6 years+ can join.
<Example of finished Wagashi>
■Course A: Basic program
(Approximately 60 minutes)
・Single ticket
  11,000 yen (including tax)
・2 or more people
    5,500 yen (including tax)/person

 You will learn basics of Wagashi and how to make it. After that, you will make two different shapes of Wagashi including the typical one “Sakura (cherry blossom)”.
■Course B: Basics + work with a twist
(Approximately 100 minutes)
・Single ticket
  19,800 yen (including tax)
・2 or more people
    9,900 yen (including tax)/person

 In addition to the basics, you are encouraged to utilize what you have learned and create your own unique Wagashi.
 Authentic traditional wooden mold that professionals use is available.
Wagashi confectionary making experience Wagashi confectionary making experience

Wagashi making experience details

What is Nerikiri?

Nerikiri is a traditional Japanese confectionary (unbaked cake) made with white bean paste. Its shape and color expresses seasonal flowers and scenery.
Let’s make a delicious and beautiful confectionary with assistance of authentic traditional tools. There is no rule about shape and color. Be creative and have the one and only in the world.
After the photo session for SNS posting, enjoy eating it or taking it home.
(Wagashi take-out case is available.)
There are optional such as “Maccha course”, “Tea ceremony plus” or “Make Wagashi in Kimono” in which you wear Kimono /Yukata and make Wagashi.


The venue is an authentic Japanese room which gives you an air of working at a real high-class Wagashi shop.
*You can work comfortably with table and chair.

Everything is ready

No need to bring your items.
We will offer you traditional ingredients and tools which are specially designed for Wagashi making.


First, you will learn from instructor about historic background
and basic knowledge of Wagashi making.

After that, it is your turn to create Wagashi!
Different way of pinching, pressuring and slitting gives different expression to your Nerikiri.

Interesting point about Nerikiri is that it shows personality of who made it even when the same tool and ingredients are used.


Use traditional wooden mold, or give your original arrangement and create something unique.
Try whatever you like, and express yourself.
*Course B


Perfect for SNS posting!
Pretty Wagashi plate and pure Japanese background and props make a great picture from your Asakusa stay!

Take out

We will provide a case designed for taking out Wagashi.


Maccha plus

There is an optional called “Wagashi making + maccha tea” plan.

Extra 1,100 yen/person (including tax)
You make maccha green tea with a tea whisk which will be enjoyed with your hand-made Wagashi.

Tea ceremony plus

There is an option to eat your hand-made Wagashi in the course of authentic tea ceremony experience.

Extra 3,300 yen/person (including tax)
Your hand-made Wagashi will be served as a part of tea ceremony.

Wagashi making in Kimono

There is an option called “Wagashi making in Kimono” in which you wear Kimono/Yukata and make Wagashi.

Wagashi making in Kimono
Wagashi making experience in Kimono!
Enjoy taking pictures and post them on SNS.
*For Yukata, which is summer Kimono, the price is extra 3,300 yen/person (including tax).
*You can go out in your Kimono (or Yukata) after you make Wagashi.
(till 5:00 pm)

*We will keep your Wagshi in refrigerator while you enjoy strolling.

Red bean paste is beautifully set.

Be creative and make the one and only in the world!
*Course B
Suitable for family with kids.

This program handles food. To be hygienic, follow the instructions below.

  • Wash your hands and fingers (before and during the program)
  • Wear face mask and globes (We have our stock.)
  • Understand and execute required hygiene measures to keep ingredients, tools and appliances clean.
  • Make sure to eat Wagashi on the day in case you would bring it home.

*Open throughout the year.(No regular holiday)